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    If you need a tire repair, Ernesto Diesel Mechanic and Tire Services are ready to help. New tires are our specialty, and we've been providing stellar service to the Dallas, Texas area for years.
    Bring your car to our tire shop for regular repair and maintenance, and our mechanics will keep it running. Oil changes are simple work for us, so call (469) 335-3381 for an appointment today.
    For tire patches or fresh tire alignment, contact Ernesto Diesel Mechanic and Tire Services now. We're always ready to help you with amazing car and tire service.
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Our Services

Auto repair

Ernesto Diesel Mechanic and Tire Services offer a full overhaul service, so you can know your car is running the way it should. Whether it's in need of a tire alignment, new brakes, or anything else, we can do the work necessary. And if it needs new tires, have no fear - we've been a trusted tire retailer to the Dallas, TX area for years.

Tire service
Tire Alignment

If your car is pulling to one side while driving, you might need a tire alignment. Ernesto Diesel Mechanic and Tire Services is ready to help, with experienced mechanics who have been providing tire service to the people of Dallas, TX and surrounding areas for years.

Tire finance
Tire Service

Tire service helps make sure your car is rolling along the way it should. Our tire repair experts know how to handle any work that needs to be done, and if you're in the Dallas. TX area, we can keep things working right.


If your kingpins are having trouble, your entire car is having trouble. At Ernesto Diesel Mechanic and Tire Services, we know how to fix all the problems, major and minor, that this critical part might develop, and all sorts of other problems, from car rims to brakes. If you're in the Dallas, TX area, bring your car in for any kind of tire repair, or anything else.

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